Backstabbers is more than just a thriller-comedy. It digs deep into themes such as the negative consequences of expecting the perfect partner, as well as toxic masculinity. Each character’s flaw gets exposed and they all receive their comeuppance. The film centers around our protagonist, Ava, who is secretly balancing multiple obsessive, toxic lovers, and throughout the film she learns about herself and her needs. For so long she’s deceived herself that she was in control, but now she’s actually going to take control.

However, the situation around her won’t make that easy. One of her lovers is trying to kill her, and then later on, both of her lovers are trying to kill each other. It’s a messy and chaotic situation that unfolds at a breakneck pace, but doesn’t sacrifice character and always stays true to a strong central theme. Ava’s house becomes an isolated world where truly anything can happen to anyone at any time.