The phone rings. AVA’S crazed boyfriend, LOGAN, leaves behind violent, threatening messages. The two have just broken up after Logan discovered Ava has been cheating on him with his best friend, AIDAN, and it appears Logan is out for revenge. Especially once a MASKED KILLER breaks into the house trying to murder Ava. After a hyperactive cat and mouse chase in which the neighbors intervene to see what’s going on, only to get swiftly and brutally murdered, Ava manages to hide in the garage. But she’s stuck. And out of the darkness pops Logan, unmasked, where he proceeds to go on, and on about how brokenhearted he is. He closes in on Ava and it seems he’s about to kill her but then–

SHNNNK. A knife digs deep into his back. Logan wasn’t the masked killer at all. The masked killer was actually Aidan. He was trying to set up an elaborate plan where Logan would go to prison for attempting to murder Ava and he would be out of the picture for good. Now these three are really in a predicament. So, Logan and Aidan decide to play a series of games and challenges to decide which one of them will get Ava. Obviously, Ava thinks this is the stupidest idea ever, but there’s really nowhere she can go, so she watches these morons play literal games to try and figure out who is most worthy to be Ava’s boyfriend.

But, Ava is also hiding a secret. In the middle of one of these games, REBECCA, climbs in through the window, “sensing” that Ava was in trouble. She’s been cheating on both of them with her! A third lover. Logan and Aidan don’t like that at all. Logan, due to the knife in his back, is too weak to fight, but he emotionally supports Aidan as he duels Rebecca to the death and kills her. He’s won.

Ava, however, can not accept this. She manages to get the knife from Rebecca’s dead body and kills Aidan. She’s won. She slumps down against a dying Logan. He apologizes to her. She accepts. But he tries to kill her one last time and she stabs him. They have all died. Cops arrive on the scene. The Chief, Fitzpatrick, another one of Ava’s lovers, sees that she’s been cheating on him. With anger, he arrests her for adultery.